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Our Suites

"It's all in the details"

La femme au chapeau

Located in the rear of the house with a view of the garden, this is a large room with a comfortable double bed and distinguished English style. Mahogany furniture and period arts add charm to this cozy room. There is also space for an additional small bed to accommodate a child.


Located in the front of the house, this huge room has two double beds with beautiful copper bed frames and a private bathroom. The room is inspired by the 19th century with hits of another world. You will be transported into a new land of dreams with a nod to a world of safaris. There is also a large private balcony where you can relax and enjoy Chemin St-Louis.  


Les robes brodées

Located in front of the house, this beautiful room has two simple beds and can accommodate up to three people with the addition of a small bed. 

The lovely bathroom is found outside the room and can occasionally be shared. 

On the walls, three framed exquisite children’s dresses embroidered by Mary’s grandmother recall a bygone era.

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